It’s just down I-10 a piece

It’s a good thing there is a little winery on the way….but I can’t vouch for the vintage being this is just west of the Louisiana border.  East Texas isn’t famous for wine, sorry.

Besides Beaumont, and El Paso on this jaunt, there is Baytown, Houston, Katy, Columbus, Schulenberg, Flatonia, Luling, Schertz, San Antonio, Kerrville, then it all becomes a blur….coyotes, cactus, dusty planes, the Llano Estacado ( if you are a Lonesome Dove Fan, you’ll remember the Llano.)

When was the last time you drove 900 miles and stayed in the same state?

9 thoughts on “It’s just down I-10 a piece

  1. NM to TN, going through TX to visit family in TX and TN–too many times to count. There are some beautiful stretches and lots of Dairy Queens 😉. My main beef is the truck traffic that has increased so much over the years. I wonder if the sign maker realized how funny that sign would seem.

    • Dairy Queens and Whataburgers! The best stops on a road trip. And Buccees too, of course. They have the best bathrooms.
      I10 between San Antonio and Houston is still 2 lane divided highway. It is so hard with the 18 wheeler traffic, especially with the Speed Limit being 75. Everyone thinks they need to go 90. It’s a mess.

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