What a lovely week.

I took flowers to the office for the staff who continually makes me look good.  It made me so happy to give them a little smile.  Not the flowers in the picture, I found some beautiful yellow roses, a symbol of friendship, and Texas.

It was just an ordinary Tuesday, and the week hadn’t started off very well at all.  Never the less, a change of attitude can turn a blah week into a fabulous one if you don’t let sour thoughts take over.

Be someone’s sunshine today.


image credit Hippie Peace Freaks (toni) Facebook.



The Wide and Unmeasurable

Image credit. Pinterest

There are times when the Universe is so big.

Occhiolsm, what a great word.

Today, I’m grateful for this wide, wonderful, world and everything that surrounds it.  I’m humbled and grateful to be here. 

Finding the humor in my workout

Image from Pinterest. 

Getting through the sun salutations yesterday, huffing and puffing only to find a little humor.

I wonder where I can get a set of these?

In my warrior yestday, the instructor is pushing down my shoulders, and straightening my arms….that was funny.

In my down dog, she tries to flatten the middle of my back, and push my shoulders down.

It was like I was one of those toys where you push one side and another side goes silly?  It was very Lucille Ball.

I didn’t quite get into my headstand.  I couldn’t figure out how to relax the muscles in my legs.  It wasn’t like I was using my legs, I just couldn’t relax them.  It didn’t seem like they were flexed.  It was a quandary.  “Clear your mind, relax your legs, engage your core, flex your feet.”  Sorry, I cleared my mind, what was after that?

I live to fight another day I guess, and try again at lunch on Friday.

Today I’m grateful that my planks are getting stronger, and I actually got my leg into a half lotus.  Trying not to think about my age does make Yoga a little easier.

Have you ever had a funny work out?  

It’s just down I-10 a piece

It’s a good thing there is a little winery on the way….but I can’t vouch for the vintage being this is just west of the Louisiana border.  East Texas isn’t famous for wine, sorry.

Besides Beaumont, and El Paso on this jaunt, there is Baytown, Houston, Katy, Columbus, Schulenberg, Flatonia, Luling, Schertz, San Antonio, Kerrville, then it all becomes a blur….coyotes, cactus, dusty planes, the Llano Estacado ( if you are a Lonesome Dove Fan, you’ll remember the Llano.)

When was the last time you drove 900 miles and stayed in the same state?

A little sight seeing

Driving around Detroit, we found the Motown museum.

We saw a beautiful Church in Ohio.  Attending a wedding in an old church with no A/C on the first 90 degree day, it was a wee bit hot.  The Priest was really cute, he cut the service short stating the bride and groom would be just as married if he spoke for 20 minutes or 60.  I adore clergy with a sense of humor.  

We enjoyed a bit of Americana at the War Memorial in Findlay, OH.  I adore small towns with a sense of honor and history.

Lest We Forget.  Three haunting words in the midst of the flags, the names of the fallen who gave the ultimate sacrifice, and the tribute from their grateful neighbors and friends.

Finishing up the day with a local brew.  Some of the names made me smile.  I’m glad they make an IPA for a Rough Day.  But I went with the Fathead’s Sunshine Day Dream.
Have you seen anything good in this Lovely Month of June?

Half way through

All day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday…..I was a little bummed out that today is Wednesday.

May the rest of your week be grand.

I’m working on staying positive.  Do I relish having another day?  Do I celebrate how much I got finished in just 2 days?

Maybe I will take a nap, since I’ve got a little time on my hands. 

Cheers to the midweek. 

In the garden

The light was just right, and the flowers were ready to show off.

In the time before the heat bleaches the color from the leaves,

The rain has brought out some very happy blooms.

Photos by me. 


It’s Friday.


Image credit:  Momma Giggles




The monkey face says it all.  Blah.

I realize that I hadn’t been posting much.  Things have been a bit dry on the creative path, but I have been reading and commenting.


Cheers to a good weekend everyone.

My gratitude today is that I’ve made it this far.