Onto another fad?

A few years ago; it was the Personal Trainer, till I blew out my Achilles.

Then, I tried to train for a 5k run….hahahahaha.

Then it was Zumba with a little yoga on the side, till I went back to work.

Now it’s TRX and yoga….and I’m losing my momentum again.

Do I have it in me to keep going?

Is it just a holiday Monday keeping me down?

2 thoughts on “Onto another fad?

  1. Some weeks we need a break 🙂 I love my PT sessions but some weeks thats it for me. It can be tough. Breathe in, breathe out, now go play with the TRX 🙂

    • I went, and was a big uncoordinated mess. But we started having fun and laughing. It wasn’t my best work out, but it was a great class. That’s part of the motivation, is having fun and moving.

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