A Presidential Story

It’s convention season.  And who should be the featured speaker at our conference this week, but George W.  Don’t turn the channel on me, this isn’t a political rant.  It’s a funny story.  I didn’t know how funny he is.  He had us in stitches.

It was a really big deal to have the President with us.  I’ve never heard a President speak in person.  So I was really interested in attending. Security was very tight.  No camera’s, no note taking, but can I help it if I remember a story?

If the Secret Service comes to take me away, I hope I can count on one of you to come bail me out.

W asked if we’d like to hear a story about Putin?  Everyone said yes.

So here’s what I remember of the story that GW told:

‘Putin came to Camp David, and we were walking with the interpreter, and I asked him if he’d like to meet my dog, Barney.  You might remember Barney, he was a little Scottish Terrier.  Well, Putin dissed my dog.  When Barney came out to greet him, Putin didn’t say it, but his body language said ‘ you call that a dog?’.  Well Barney was about the only friend I had in Washington, and that kinda ticked me off.  Not too long after that Laura and I were in Moscow at Putin’s place.  He asked me if I’d like to meet his dog.  Out comes this massive hound.  He says, ‘now this is a dog.’  I didn’t say anything back.  When we got on Airforce 1 I said to Condi Rice, do you know what Putin said to me?  ‘My dog is bigger than your dog’.

We all laughed.  His delivery was so dry.  And the way he kept saying Putin, it was more like poo-tin the verb vs Putin the name. All the bathroom jokes I’ve heard came to mind.

So that’s the fun I’ve been having this week.  Funny Presidents….who knew?

11 thoughts on “A Presidential Story

    • We got to see some of the portraits. He spoke about how he came to paint, and why he’s so passionate on supporting the vets. All the proceeds from the paintings, and the books on the paintings goes to veterans. Marcus Lutrel was there, he has a company called Boot Campaign, and he presented W with an award. The “trophy” was a huge boot. The sole was about the length of Marcus’ forearm. The shaft was almost to his shoulder. It was massively heavy. W tried to take it, but asked Marcus to carry it back for him. It was very personable.

    • He was really quick to point out how many 1×1 meetings he had with Putin, and no one blinked about it. He never said anything derogatory about any of his successors. He kept things light, and focused on the importance of service.
      At the end, he mentioned that he had 2 friends that no one would believe were really friends of his. 1. Bono. 2. The Dalai Lama.
      Isn’t that wild?

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