The body is a remarkable machine.

As I kick up into the headstand, my instructor spots me so I don’t dump over.  I will never forget her remark, “you have really strong legs, you need to relax into the stand”.  

I’ve come to learn that the headstand, while intimidating at first, is only a first step to empowerment. 

It’s an empowering move for sure, and I’m getting stronger all the time. I can’t wait to see what I can do next. 

8 thoughts on “Empowerment

    • There are ladies in our class that can do all kind of strength moves from the basic headstand. It is amazing to watch. I wonder how long it will take me to work up to some of those moves.

  1. Cool!! Kudos to you! I practice a little yoga … and I really enjoy it. My balance is horrific, though. Surely it will get better? Anytime I have to stand on one leg I turn into one of those blow-up wiggly things you see advertising some sale or open house. Then, I end up swearing.

    • That’s hilarious. We cut up so bad in these classes we end up laughing and falling over. I enjoy yoga, but it gets a little slow. I like the challenge of The cardio classes. But Yoga is helping me get stronger in a different way.

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