Maybe it was Memphis

Conventions, travel, food, and some interesting sites.

The grandeur of the lobby, the opulence of the ceilings were a great treat to enjoy at the Peabody. 

Yes, I gathered with the other tourists to watch the ducks.  It was cute.

We had a reception on the roof at sunset.  The river swollen and at flood stages.

The city is a bit dirty, decaying, and dangerous. So we kept to our packs, and didn’t venture out alone.

I’m ready to get home to my own bed, pillow, pups, and peeps.

Going away is a great adventure, but coming home is a treat.

8 thoughts on “Maybe it was Memphis

  1. Probably wise not to roam around that city. Dangerous is a good way to describe it. Best thing I can say about Memphis is that it has Beale St. and Rendezvous Barbecue. The rest? Um……

  2. I had heard it had gotten worse since the last time I was there in 2013. We saw some scary characters pan handling very aggressively, and lots of drunk people. But during the day, I saw plenty of police. They were on foot, on bicycles, and in cruisers. Hopefully they can get that city turned around.

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