Onto another fad?

A few years ago; it was the Personal Trainer, till I blew out my Achilles.

Then, I tried to train for a 5k run….hahahahaha.

Then it was Zumba with a little yoga on the side, till I went back to work.

Now it’s TRX and yoga….and I’m losing my momentum again.

Do I have it in me to keep going?

Is it just a holiday Monday keeping me down?

A Presidential Story

It’s convention season.  And who should be the featured speaker at our conference this week, but George W.  Don’t turn the channel on me, this isn’t a political rant.  It’s a funny story.  I didn’t know how funny he is.  He had us in stitches.

It was a really big deal to have the President with us.  I’ve never heard a President speak in person.  So I was really interested in attending. Security was very tight.  No camera’s, no note taking, but can I help it if I remember a story?

If the Secret Service comes to take me away, I hope I can count on one of you to come bail me out.

W asked if we’d like to hear a story about Putin?  Everyone said yes.

So here’s what I remember of the story that GW told:

‘Putin came to Camp David, and we were walking with the interpreter, and I asked him if he’d like to meet my dog, Barney.  You might remember Barney, he was a little Scottish Terrier.  Well, Putin dissed my dog.  When Barney came out to greet him, Putin didn’t say it, but his body language said ‘ you call that a dog?’.  Well Barney was about the only friend I had in Washington, and that kinda ticked me off.  Not too long after that Laura and I were in Moscow at Putin’s place.  He asked me if I’d like to meet his dog.  Out comes this massive hound.  He says, ‘now this is a dog.’  I didn’t say anything back.  When we got on Airforce 1 I said to Condi Rice, do you know what Putin said to me?  ‘My dog is bigger than your dog’.

We all laughed.  His delivery was so dry.  And the way he kept saying Putin, it was more like poo-tin the verb vs Putin the name. All the bathroom jokes I’ve heard came to mind.

So that’s the fun I’ve been having this week.  Funny Presidents….who knew?

Springtime on the Guadelupe River

They don’t say “Gwa-deh-loo-pay” where I’m from.

They say “Gwa-deh-loop”, I can’t tell you why they actually lost a syllable on that word.  Texans are notorious for adding syllables to words with their drawls. 

However you say it, it’s a beautiful little river in S. Texas. 

It’s starting to hit the 90 degree mark, and we need some rain.

But such a beautiful day to be out, and enjoying the peaceful water.


The body is a remarkable machine.

As I kick up into the headstand, my instructor spots me so I don’t dump over.  I will never forget her remark, “you have really strong legs, you need to relax into the stand”.  

I’ve come to learn that the headstand, while intimidating at first, is only a first step to empowerment. 

It’s an empowering move for sure, and I’m getting stronger all the time. I can’t wait to see what I can do next. 

Maybe it was Memphis

Conventions, travel, food, and some interesting sites.

The grandeur of the lobby, the opulence of the ceilings were a great treat to enjoy at the Peabody. 

Yes, I gathered with the other tourists to watch the ducks.  It was cute.

We had a reception on the roof at sunset.  The river swollen and at flood stages.

The city is a bit dirty, decaying, and dangerous. So we kept to our packs, and didn’t venture out alone.

I’m ready to get home to my own bed, pillow, pups, and peeps.

Going away is a great adventure, but coming home is a treat.