Happy Friday.

It’s been quite a week.  Lots of ups and downs, but overall a good week.

I made it to TRX, and ended up in a Facebook ad for the class.  Making my body a machine isn’t the goal, but I’m really sore today.  Planks in the harness are not easy.  I might be turning into a machine, a rusty one!

I made it to Yoga, and did a headstand for the first time since I was 10.   That was really kinda fun.

I made it to Friday after having an altercation with a neighbor.  I guess asking her to move her basketball goal over so that her little (6 and 8 year olds) boys wouldn’t lose their ball to my back yard makes me mean.  Well, what made me mean was I wouldn’t let her make excuses for the reason why she set the thing next to my fence.  When I explained that they would run out of their basketballs if we aren’t home to throw them back didn’t seem to resonate.  It was the oddest thing she thinks I’m mean, but she’s calling me mean and other names in front of her kids while I’m giving back their ball.  Childish is the word that comes to mind.  

But here I am on a Friday morning, sore from working out, drinking my coffee, looking forward to a rainy weekend.  I’m so grateful for the little things today.  Mostly for my life, my breath-in and out of my lungs, my heart beat, a new day to do things better, my puppy dogs, a loving husband, healthy sons, and that I have the opportunity to go to work today. 

Happy Friday!

13 thoughts on “

  1. Well TGIF… love ❤️ your lil gif..,

    Some neighbors..
    no respect ✊ for you… but demands every from you…

    And on top of that… wants to be super nice and completely acceptable…

    I don’t socialize too well with mine…
    but I’m so annoyed 😒 when they destroy things like my fence and expect me to fixed it

  2. Wendy, there really isn’t a problem. When you aren’t home and she isn’t supervising her kids and they try to climb over your fence to retrieve their balls and break a leg, she can just sue you, right? You are mean because you don’t station yourself 24/7 to pick up her kids’ balls. What kind of a neighbor are you? I know neighbors who just wouldn’t give the balls back. I don’t advise that because it is not the kids’ fault that the mom positions their goal inappropriately, but I don’t think I would hurry to return the balls. Maybe that would give mom time to think. Hopefully she was just having a bad day and things will blow over. Enjoy your rainy weekend. Sounds like the perfect one for some baking or, with your sore muscles, a cup of hot drink and a good book. Enjoy!

  3. OMG! I can’t believe someone else had an “altercation” with an irresponsible adult neighbor who lets their two boys play with balls that end up on her property. You know this statement is a bit of sarcasm, don’t you? I had a similar experience with two neighbors over the same thankfully brief (like the last six years of the total 10 when we all lived around the same cul-de-sac) period before we moved to Brentwood, where the closest neighbor was at least several hundred feet away. Now we’re just worried about maintaining friendship with Hubba’s new BFF, the guy next door with whom he has an ongoing bromance that started when we moved into that cul-de-sac six years ago. Hubs was retired but I was still working and they bonded over mowing adjacent lawns. His BFF, also now retired, adopted his son’s girlfriend’s German shepherd puppy, who still thinks it’s an attack dog!

    • Well at least there is a bromance in the neighborhood! That’s saying a lot. My husband mows the yard, but our neighbors don’t. They hire that job out…..kinda like their parenting. ha.

      • Too bad, so sad, especially for the kids. One of our two nasty neighbors did the same; the other couldn’t justify it since she was a SAHM, I guess. Of the nastier couple, at least one of their sons, the eldest who was not the “golden child” couldn’t wait to get out and left as soon as he could to attend the USAF Academy, which meant he didn’t have to come home during the summers, either.

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