Farmers Market

I made my way into the evolving downtown Tomball, TX today to visit their new Farmer’s Market.  (Tomball, isn’t the most hopping place like Spring, but it’s getting there.)

It was the usual display of pop-up gazebos, aligned in a row, with just a few off to one side, like a very short T.

A guitar player was singing songs in Spanish.

There were actual Farmers there displaying their fruits and veggies.

There were Ranchers there taking orders for beef, chicken, and pork.

There were purveyors of BBQ, selling sliced beef sandwiches.

Two Beekeepers showed up selling honey, pollen, and Beeswax.  I took the time to chat with them about their girls, and how things were looking for them this Spring.

There were handmade Bird Houses, Soaps, Lotions, and Commercial Skin Care lines ready to make a sale.

I saw a local Olive Oil merchant and chatted him up about his trees.  The olive oil was quite good, and who knew that Mission Olives did so well in Texas?

Gathering my goodies, I made my way to the car.  There is nothing like a fresh tomato.  Just pulled radishes, and just cut Brussel Sprouts called out to me, so I gathered them up too.  I can’t wait to make a great dinner.



10 thoughts on “Farmers Market

  1. Looks wonderful, Wendy. The warm weather bringing in all manner of delicious bounty from the garden. I’m growing an olive tree in my kitchen right now, and hope to summer it on my deck.

    • Wow. I hadn’t thought of putting an olive tree in a pot. I will have to try it until we get better irrigation where we have the bees. I’d love to have olive trees on our acreage.
      The tomatoes were so good! I hate buying tomatoes in the grocery store.

  2. Oh how fun?!?!
    I haven’t been to Tomball in a long time.

    There’s a farmer’s market nearby where I live, but it doesn’t seem nearly as fun as the one you went to. I’m jealous! 😛

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