Oh my coffee!

I do love my coffee.  When Starbucks introduced their Verona blend for Valentine’s Day, they called it their Lovers coffee. I’ve been a faithful fan for about 15 years.

When Starbucks started doing really dumb political things, it bothered me.  Politics tends to mess up most things. 

 I tried a new coffee brand, and Surpise!  I really like it, and they are Vetran owned. 

So meet Black Rifle Coffee!  

Every bag of coffee is roasted when it’s ordered, so it takes a little longer to ship it.  I would recommend you order in bulk if you like it.  We started small, found two we really enjoyed, and ordered more from there.  I adore the Beyond Black and the AK47 espresso.  Really good stuff that AK47 espresso, so smooth. 

I still like my Verona, but if I can support a Vetran with my coffee purchase, and really enjoy the product, I’m on board.

I love the website too.  I want to try their, F^*k Hipster blend, but it’s on a major back order, go figure. 

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