A time for rest and reflection,

A time for family and peace.

We had some cold air blow in last night.

One last respite before the heat of summer.


I’m grateful that tomorrow starts my Birthday week celebration.  My friends have planned two fun things for us to do, and I’m pretty excited.  I’ve got some awesome friends and family.

I might be 50 something, but I’m still standing! And yes, I still like my animation movies!


Happy Friday.

It’s been quite a week.  Lots of ups and downs, but overall a good week.

I made it to TRX, and ended up in a Facebook ad for the class.  Making my body a machine isn’t the goal, but I’m really sore today.  Planks in the harness are not easy.  I might be turning into a machine, a rusty one!

I made it to Yoga, and did a headstand for the first time since I was 10.   That was really kinda fun.

I made it to Friday after having an altercation with a neighbor.  I guess asking her to move her basketball goal over so that her little (6 and 8 year olds) boys wouldn’t lose their ball to my back yard makes me mean.  Well, what made me mean was I wouldn’t let her make excuses for the reason why she set the thing next to my fence.  When I explained that they would run out of their basketballs if we aren’t home to throw them back didn’t seem to resonate.  It was the oddest thing she thinks I’m mean, but she’s calling me mean and other names in front of her kids while I’m giving back their ball.  Childish is the word that comes to mind.  

But here I am on a Friday morning, sore from working out, drinking my coffee, looking forward to a rainy weekend.  I’m so grateful for the little things today.  Mostly for my life, my breath-in and out of my lungs, my heart beat, a new day to do things better, my puppy dogs, a loving husband, healthy sons, and that I have the opportunity to go to work today. 

Happy Friday!

Fun and games at Total Wine

Shopping for wine can be a down right hoot!

We got a Total Wine down the street, so I popped in to check them out.  LOTS of wine choices is an understatement. Most of them I had never seen before.

Check it out. 

A Wink between Butter, and on top of the Sexy Wine Bomb.

I liked the bold labels.  The Sexy Wine Bomb had a bomb on the top wrapper too.  The Wink had a big Smoochie on the screw top.   That meant I had to pick up a bottle of each for my neighbor, she keeps her novelty bottles.

I passed on the Bitch, and What you see is What you get.  The white looked too pale, and there is something in my soul that can’t buy a wine called Bitch, even if it has a pink label. That’s just me. 

I will find out tonight if “blends have more fun.”



Going from the Pidgeon pose that made my foot fall asleep into the splits.  I’ve always maintained my splits since high school, but the yoga version had something let loose in my hip that made me start laughing.  The Pidgeon pose hurt, and my foot falling asleep was just icing on the cake.

Images from Pinterest.

I got turned into a pretzel, and it made me laugh. 

I’ve never been able to do a forward fold, but I might have to make it my goal…..if I can walk tomorrow.

What to do

Image credit Pinterest. 
I find myself wondering, wandering, and pondering. 

How to do things better, say things better, be more effective. 

So today, I keep moving forward. 

I’m grateful for being able to put one foot in front of the other. 

Farmers Market

I made my way into the evolving downtown Tomball, TX today to visit their new Farmer’s Market.  (Tomball, isn’t the most hopping place like Spring, but it’s getting there.)

It was the usual display of pop-up gazebos, aligned in a row, with just a few off to one side, like a very short T.

A guitar player was singing songs in Spanish.

There were actual Farmers there displaying their fruits and veggies.

There were Ranchers there taking orders for beef, chicken, and pork.

There were purveyors of BBQ, selling sliced beef sandwiches.

Two Beekeepers showed up selling honey, pollen, and Beeswax.  I took the time to chat with them about their girls, and how things were looking for them this Spring.

There were handmade Bird Houses, Soaps, Lotions, and Commercial Skin Care lines ready to make a sale.

I saw a local Olive Oil merchant and chatted him up about his trees.  The olive oil was quite good, and who knew that Mission Olives did so well in Texas?

Gathering my goodies, I made my way to the car.  There is nothing like a fresh tomato.  Just pulled radishes, and just cut Brussel Sprouts called out to me, so I gathered them up too.  I can’t wait to make a great dinner.



A Friday in April

It’s been a beautiful week, 

Full of ups and downs.

More ups than downs.

The sun has been warm, the breeze soft 

As we have slipped into April.

Wild flowers blooming, trees leafing,

Is there anything more beautiful that a new green leaf

Or a field full of flowers?

Sitting on my porch, my lemon and orange trees have flowered,

The fragrance is better than jasmine.

I can’t wait for the fruit to come, 

But it won’t be ripe till December. 

Until then, I will enjoy the day.

I hope your first Friday in April is beautiful.