Foggy days-daze

Ever have one of those ‘foggy’ days, when thoughts are fleeting and lost?

Yesterday I was in a foggy daze.

I got lost.

I got found.

I messed up every time I turned around.

It’s not me.  That’s not who I am.

Who is it then?

Shaking off the fog, I was watching myself as if I was someone else.

I had to laugh at myself to keep from a dark and sinister condemnation.

What is worse then tearing your own self down?

My big challenge:  to speak to myself, about myself, in caring and supportive tones.

That’s not easy.

But…..(don’t you just cringe at the but?)

BUT!  I am sharp, well thought out, decisive, articulate, funny, resourceful, practical, forgiving, and kind.  I am confident, capable, well able to get from point A to point B without getting lost.  I see detail, and have a great memory.  I don’t fail, I learn.  I can do this, even when it’s foggy.

Do you ever have to stop internal dialogue?  How do you turn it around?IMG_2216

image from Pinterest.


8 thoughts on “Foggy days-daze

  1. I remember hearing a speaker once that called her internal dialogue, “The Committee.” It was dialogue between a whole host of voices she heard and conversed with. And no, she didn’t have multiple-personality disorder! Just talked with and heard various people weighing in on various topics. Usually, my foggy times are when I am at unrest about an issue….and I love when that fog lifts!!

  2. Wow! Must be something about Fridays as that was how I felt yesterday. The cause was Spouse’s grouchiness. I got through it by having some idea of the cause of his grouchiness and knowing that he would either apologize or we would both laugh about it. This morning, it was the latter.

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