Chainsaws and bees


We are always very careful about running loud machinery around the beehives.  Bees are sensitive to loud vibrating sounds, light in their dark hives, scents that they don’t know, and any other thing a female group could be sensitive.  Just saying, this is a whole lot of girls to keep happy.

Imagine the surprise at opening a log with a chainsaw, and not being immediately attacked?  What?

The friendliest bees in S. Texas are were in a log, and now they are getting comfy in a box with all their brood, bees, queen, and some sugar for being so sweet.

What amazing creatures.

I’m so grateful for this experience.  Even when it doesn’t go so well, or when we get together with some Kranky gals, I’m still amazed by how they work, what they do, how they produce, and how sweet they can be when I least deserve it.

Have I been stung, you bet.  Did I deserve it?  Mostly, but sometimes these gals are just horrid, and it takes some management to get the disposition of the hive to turn.  Yep, it’s a Regicide.  The queen is a gonner if the hive gets mean, because she is the driver.

Do I understand, Nope?  I’m just working the best that I can.



This is a photo I took a few weeks ago when we were feeding.  She smelled the sugar on my hands and stopped  by to see what was left.  No stings, no fuss, just a drop in to see what was up.

I really like my bees.  Isn’t she beautiful?

I’m also very grateful that most of my encounters with bees have been quite pleasant.  They are amazing little creatures.

12 thoughts on “Chainsaws and bees

    • We are up to 11 hives. And we are moving some to a cousins property to keep them a bit more spread out. 30-50k bees in a hive, adds up quick on 6 acres. We want them to have good forage and not too much competition.

  1. I once walked into a bee hive at camp and was stung 7 times. I’m a bit scared of them. Hahaha. Gotta love the 🍯 they produce though. My son certainly does.

    • A bad experience can do that. I’ve been dumb around the bees once, and got stung 11 times through my jeans and gloves. When those girls get mad, they are scary!
      Glad you weren’t too hurt by your experience. Honey is worth the effort.

      • Oh my gosh. 11 times? That’s rough. And it didn’t traumatize you?
        It happened when I was much younger, so I’ve gotten over it. Hahaha.
        Have a great weekend Wendy.
        🙂 ❤

      • I’m still standing, and It was my fault. I had washed our suits and didn’t use fragrance free detergent. They didn’t like the assault of “Spring Fresh” artificial fragrance. I felt bad that they were dying in stinging me when I was careless.
        Working with the bees, it’s important to me to enter into their world gently and make sure they thrive. It didn’t happen that day. No one ended up a winner there. 🐝🐝🐝😢

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