Happy Spring

Out in the bee yard this weekend.  80 degrees, flowers and trees and of course, bees.

The Yaupon is blooming.  It’s the start of the nectar flow.  Yaupon is in the Holly family, but the leaves aren’t sharp, it’s a friendlier holly.  The Yaupon honey is really good.  With good weather, we should get our first honey harvest in about a month. 

All my pictures from 3/18/17. 

15 thoughts on “Happy Spring

  1. Your flower pictures are beautiful. Forgive me if I am a little less enthusiastic about the bees. I got a bee sting about two weeks ago on my finger and oh, the swelling and itching on my whole hand. My chiweenie is currently in a vet hospital. She stuck her head in some brush while we were on a walk and got stung or bitten by something–bee, spider, scorpion? Swollen head and so sick! She is starting her second day there. I think she is now out of danger and tomorrow we will be able to bring her home. So, welcome, spring!

      • Oh, dear! I think the worst part is that they don’t understand what’s going on. Speaking of dog trauma, has your dog recovered? No more cone shaped deterrents?

      • Oh the fuzzy boy is out of the cone. We had a good post op visit. He’s still on restricted movement for the next 3 weeks. So all the chairs are covered. Doors to bedrooms are shut, and he’s strictly supervised outside. We play on the floor. His energy levels are so high, but extra jumping and running could lead to injury. Baby steps he doesn’t understand.
        Thanks for asking. That’s so nice.
        Hope your pup feels better soon. Half a benadryl usually helps with stings with my pup, but he’s 25 pounds. Not sure what might help yours. Benadryl helps my stings too, but after the itching stops, I usually don’t bother. 🙂

    • I wish I could describe being in the Yaupon. Some of the Yaupon Trees are 20 feet tall. I heard the bees before I could see them, and I couldn’t catch them all with my camera. It was so peaceful, and the hum from the bees was a spiritual calming. All of nature around me, being happy, at their best. Flowers blooming, nectar flowing, bees collecting. It was wonderful.

  2. I did the Benadryl for both of us. It didn’t seem to help her. I do think it made her sleepy which could have been a good thing until we could get her to the vet. I know it helped me. Soaking my hand in Epsom salts helped calm the itching also.

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