Delays, and waiting

The fun and games in travel land.  Delays and connections.  Will I make it home tonight?

Who knows, but things are ok. I have a wifi connection, and a glass of wine….oh and I know how to make a hotel reservation if I get stuck in Atlanta.

Today, I’m grateful that I’ve learned how to chill in the midst of mass transit.

12 thoughts on “Delays, and waiting

  1. Ohhhhh nooooo. You’re stuck at the airport? That’s huge to learn gratefulness in the midst of the unexpected. I like how you’re coping with it. Sounds ideal the glass of wine and wifi. 😘

  2. Hope you made it home last night. Travel can be tough, but it really doesn’t help to be a force of resistance. Your philosophy is good–go with the flow. The flow of wine and bytes of information. Have a good weekend, whenever it starts!

    • Thanks my friend. I got home about midnight last night, and was really happy to sleep in my own bed.
      Have a lovely weekend. Hope the weather is beautiful there.

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