One of those days

Cause on a Thursday, I’m wearing my tiara, drinking wine, And I’m really craving a cooking and some love.  The evening is still young. Got a cookie?
How is your Thursday wrapping up?

Foggy days-daze

Ever have one of those ‘foggy’ days, when thoughts are fleeting and lost?

Yesterday I was in a foggy daze.

I got lost.

I got found.

I messed up every time I turned around.

It’s not me.  That’s not who I am.

Who is it then?

Shaking off the fog, I was watching myself as if I was someone else.

I had to laugh at myself to keep from a dark and sinister condemnation.

What is worse then tearing your own self down?

My big challenge:  to speak to myself, about myself, in caring and supportive tones.

That’s not easy.

But…..(don’t you just cringe at the but?)

BUT!  I am sharp, well thought out, decisive, articulate, funny, resourceful, practical, forgiving, and kind.  I am confident, capable, well able to get from point A to point B without getting lost.  I see detail, and have a great memory.  I don’t fail, I learn.  I can do this, even when it’s foggy.

Do you ever have to stop internal dialogue?  How do you turn it around?IMG_2216

image from Pinterest.


Chainsaws and bees


We are always very careful about running loud machinery around the beehives.  Bees are sensitive to loud vibrating sounds, light in their dark hives, scents that they don’t know, and any other thing a female group could be sensitive.  Just saying, this is a whole lot of girls to keep happy.

Imagine the surprise at opening a log with a chainsaw, and not being immediately attacked?  What?

The friendliest bees in S. Texas are were in a log, and now they are getting comfy in a box with all their brood, bees, queen, and some sugar for being so sweet.

What amazing creatures.

I’m so grateful for this experience.  Even when it doesn’t go so well, or when we get together with some Kranky gals, I’m still amazed by how they work, what they do, how they produce, and how sweet they can be when I least deserve it.

Have I been stung, you bet.  Did I deserve it?  Mostly, but sometimes these gals are just horrid, and it takes some management to get the disposition of the hive to turn.  Yep, it’s a Regicide.  The queen is a gonner if the hive gets mean, because she is the driver.

Do I understand, Nope?  I’m just working the best that I can.



This is a photo I took a few weeks ago when we were feeding.  She smelled the sugar on my hands and stopped  by to see what was left.  No stings, no fuss, just a drop in to see what was up.

I really like my bees.  Isn’t she beautiful?

I’m also very grateful that most of my encounters with bees have been quite pleasant.  They are amazing little creatures.

Happy Spring

Out in the bee yard this weekend.  80 degrees, flowers and trees and of course, bees.

The Yaupon is blooming.  It’s the start of the nectar flow.  Yaupon is in the Holly family, but the leaves aren’t sharp, it’s a friendlier holly.  The Yaupon honey is really good.  With good weather, we should get our first honey harvest in about a month. 

All my pictures from 3/18/17. 

Gotta cook

I don’t like this Springing Forward silliness. 

So how shall I console myself?  I will cook. 

After a rainy Sunday of tax return preparation, rain, laundry, and Springing Forward…..I’m cooking. 

Steak, a really nice ribeye. 

Mushrooms in red wine reduction with lots of Garlic. 

I have a salad ready to chop and serve. 

But. I might need a little sweet. So I made cupcakes with Salted Carmel butter cream frosting. 

Wendy officially has too much time on her hands to get this much done on a Sunday when we lose an hour. 

Happy Friday!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend.

I found this in Pinterest this morning, it made me smile before I had my coffee.  That takes a bit, just so you know. 

This one I took at an Irish Pub in Indianapolis.

Cheers to a fun weekend. 

On Women’s day, this woman has her Man’s back

Nothing brings out the warrior in me like seeing my family hurt.  It doesn’t matter if it is a splinter or an automatic weapon, nobody messes with my boys.  Not my sons, not my husband.  They are mine, and I am theirs.

So when a harridan bared her fangs against my husband… got it, Warrior Wendy emerged from the ashes to bring down a fiery wrath upon the offender.

When my very big, handsome, strong, loving, capable, generous, amazing man gets upset….I’m transformed into a warrior.  He is too much a gentleman to strike back against a female, it’s a good thing I’m no gentleman. 

So on this Women’s day, there are women out there that suck, they suck joy, life, peace, and life out of people.

Just cause you are a woman, your behavior will label you.  If you hurt my boys, my man, you will pay. I will be on guard against you.  I have his back, because I am a good woman, and I stand with my men, my family.  

Happy Woman’s day to all you great Women out there.  Who love, protect, defend, nurture, work, provide, and enjoy your families.

Cancelled plans on a Tuesday

Lunch meeting cancelled.

The silence is deafening.

Lot’s of invites out in the email, lot’s of messages in the voicemail.

Who will respond first?

Twiddling my thumbs….do people do that anymore, or is it just me?