Baking for my sweethearts

When I get the creative energy to cook, I am rewarded in spades.

What an infinite blessing that I got some of my grandmothers talent.

My office is amazing.  The folks who make me look good are beyond talented.  The biggest problem in our domain…..tenured employees with 4 weeks of vacation. Isn’t that amazing?  I love my new job.  It’s been 4 months now, and I still supremely, love my job.
So on Valentine’s Day, we are all meeting in house for our Marketing call, and I will celebrate my sweethearts with some home made goodies, flowers, and special thanks to the wonderful people who make me look good, everyday.

I’m so blessed.

So 4 batches of biscotti, citrus with pistachios and cranberries, white chocolate truffles, caramel pretzels, and some pretty carnations to round everything out.

I’m looking forward to Tuesday.

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