Going on strike



Dog surgery update:  We are going into our 3rd week of recovery since the big surgery on the 13th.  Sedatives were given, pain pills, sausage, cheese, beef, lots of hand feeding and laying on the floor with the patient.

Things are looking pretty good.  The incision has healed well, despite the fact that we are on the 2nd larger cone.  Rascal circumvented his original cone and got to his incision one night.  Trying to keep the hyperactive animal entertained has been challenging, but we are halfway through the recovery process on Monday.


My husband released the hound from his Cone, and rubbed his neck for a bit.  Rascal was soooooo happy.

I think I’d like to be a dog for a little while.  Lay in the sunshine, be petted, fed, and just love the family.

What we do for the love of a dog.

Doggie Surgery


My super frisbee wonder dog tore his ACL.  Now we have pain meds, sedatives, and a 6 week recovery.

The Vet laughed when I said I need a sedative too…I wasn’t joking!

I’m a little beside myself trying to keep him contained.  He’s made his cone worthless twice.  But he is starting to put weight on his right leg again.  He’s never been contained, but he is crate trained.  OMG…I’ve been hand feeding him, and I think he’s taken to it.  I may have created a monster.

Jeesh.  What I do for the love of a dog.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Whether you are a romantic, a practical, or a single person, I hope this Valentine’s Day at least brings you some chocolate. 

My man and I are fixing dinner at home. No crowds, no hustle bustle.  A nice steak, a good bottle of wine and my honey. 

Baking for my sweethearts

When I get the creative energy to cook, I am rewarded in spades.

What an infinite blessing that I got some of my grandmothers talent.

My office is amazing.  The folks who make me look good are beyond talented.  The biggest problem in our domain…..tenured employees with 4 weeks of vacation. Isn’t that amazing?  I love my new job.  It’s been 4 months now, and I still supremely, love my job.
So on Valentine’s Day, we are all meeting in house for our Marketing call, and I will celebrate my sweethearts with some home made goodies, flowers, and special thanks to the wonderful people who make me look good, everyday.

I’m so blessed.

So 4 batches of biscotti, citrus with pistachios and cranberries, white chocolate truffles, caramel pretzels, and some pretty carnations to round everything out.

I’m looking forward to Tuesday.


Living in a city fo close to 30 years, you remember things as you drive down familiar roads. 

You remember when country roads were country roads.   Where the cows used to roam.  Where the good restaurants used to be, and what they are now.

Today, just isn’t what it used to be.

But tomorrow, has an awesome promise. 

My last Hormone, or why I don’t want to go Bald. 

Doctors. One says yes to Hormone replacement. The other says no.

The No doctor says to me:  “do you shave your feet?”

Me:  ” I rarely have to shave my legs.  Why?”

No Doc:  “when was the last time you shaved your legs?”

Me:  “4 or 5 days?”

No Doc takes my arm:  “you don’t have hair on your arms either.  Your eyebrows are thin, and your hairline is receding.  No more hormones.”

Me:  “I’ve always been smooth, Doctor.”

No Doc:  “That’s why you are going in for an Ultrasound on your thyroid, and I’m getting 8 vials of blood.”

Me:  ” if I grow a mustache because of this, you are in trouble!”

I guess I’d rather be Cranky, Weepy, and Bitchy than Bald.

Love James Bond

So, imagine my delight when I boycotted the Super Bowl I found a really cool 4 part series on Ian Flemming on Netflix!

Rejects Unite!

Ian Flemming:  The man who would be Bond

Check it out. WWII era London.

It’s a fun, but short indulgence.