Party at Greta Garbo’s house

She was an enigma, private, dynamic, classy, and brave.  She also had an amazing Spanish style adobe house build up against the mountains in La Quinta, CA back in the infancy of the Palm Springs craze.

So imagine my delight and surprise that at a recent conference, one of our evening events was here, at Greta Garbo’s house.

It was delightful.  

The fun thing about travel, sometimes you get to see some very special places.

13 thoughts on “Party at Greta Garbo’s house

  1. It’s hard to capture inside a house, but you did a great job. Your pictures give a real feel for Garbo’s home. I’m not much of a party person, but that would have been awesome.

    • That’s so nice. Thank you. It was a Hollywood laid back atmosphere. We had a Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra impersonator running around taking photos. Frank actually sang, he was pretty good.

    • It was. They lay out of the home was a big horse shoe, the kitchen and ballroom were on one side, the bedrooms and sitting room were across the courtyard.
      Lots of flowers and space. It was beautiful.

    • I wish I had taken more photos of the Palm Trees. They were ancient and towering. Just amazing set against the stark mountains.
      It was a picture everywhere I turned.

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