Rain, Sun, snow, hail, missed approaches, and rainbows

A travel story.

Fun and games in travel land.  Last week I was in Florida.

Lovely beach.

This week I’m in California.  Southern California, Sunny Southern California, well at least today it’s sunny.

It started Sunday night.  My flight was scheduled to arrive at 8:30 pm.  But there were storms, poor visibility, and a very bad missed approach for landing.  Talk about a quiet plane.  It was a completely silent plane.  The crew came on the loudspeaker to let us know that we “missed the approach, and would make a 2nd attempt, but the the weather conditions made their instrument readings at the minimum for safety.”

Well yippee.  So me, I pray for the pilots, and for wisdom, but I don’t want to be redirected to an airport 115 miles away from my destination.

We made the 2nd attempt, but you have figured that out already, since I’m writing this post.

So off and running.  The next morning,  I drive into Irvine, Ca for a meeting, it’s raining all the way.  I see a magnificent double rainbow, right on the freeway, and I drive right through it.  

Image credit Pinterest. 

Right into a hail storm.  Pea sized hail pelted me for a full 5 minutes, everything came to a stop.

Image credit Pinterest. 

Then the sun came out.  I shook my head at the quirky weather, and kept my eye on the East, wondering if Jesus was going to make his appearance, or maybe one of the 4 horseman of the apocalypse. 

The weather finally cleared, and although it is cold in Sunny Southern California, it is sunny, and there is snow in the mountains.

What an amazing place.

I’m so grateful today for the opportunity to be on both the east coast,  and the west coast of this great nation, and surviving some really odd weather.

13 thoughts on “Rain, Sun, snow, hail, missed approaches, and rainbows

      • Lines at the airport, hotel rooms, odd meals at odd times. Traveling for business can get old in a hurry–or so my husband tells me. As long as you can throw in fun times like that one, the highs will be enough to offset the lows! It sounds fantastic.

      • I will post some photos later. The conference was really long, and having to stay “up/on engaged” is exhausting. Throw in the 700 people, the meetings, break out sessions, lunches, dinners, and travel to boot….I’m tired, but happy I got to go to Greta Garbo’s house.

  1. Wow! The flight was unnerving to say the least! Some amazing scenery in this great land of ours though, right? Very beautiful photos. And I’m very happy you are safe and sound!

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