Bitter sweet–Watching the Karma train roll by

It is a humbling, bitter sweet moment when you see the person who caused so much trauma, stress, and ultimately my 18 month unemployment get the boot, in an extraordinary fashion.

In a “reverse take over” my former employer took over a competitor, and kept all the competitor’s employees.  They let go of everyone that got them started, including my former boss, and the boss before her who had just joined the group.  I got to see two very selfish, difficult, and self serving people get used and cast aside in an atrocious fashion.

I thought I would be happy to witness their set down.  I’m not.  I’m not happy to see anyone get treated badly, regardless of their behavior.  Bad things happen to good and bad people.  I can honestly say, it is difficult to watch.

Knowing that I got set down, but didn’t deserve it, it is just a very humbling moment. 

A cautionary tail.  Be careful of wanting to see another’s failure.  It isn’t what you think it will be.
Today, I’m grateful for my new job, for open eyes, and a better understanding that Justice is the Lords, but I don’t need to see it.

6 thoughts on “Bitter sweet–Watching the Karma train roll by

    • It’s a situation I never thought to be in.
      It’s worthy of a TV drama. Two tormentors taken out in a reverse take over…they thought they were the future, but no…….and I feel sorry for them. I’m humbled and awed. But I take no pleasure. It makes me a little afraid.

      • I do understand your viewpoint. You would expect to be celebrating, but it is hard to rejoice over someone’s disaster even when they are in the same situation they put you in. Maybe that’s the point. You know EXACTLY how it feels and how many people it impacts as the ripples spread out to family, etc. Your title for this post is sadly perfect.

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