Party at Greta Garbo’s house

She was an enigma, private, dynamic, classy, and brave.  She also had an amazing Spanish style adobe house build up against the mountains in La Quinta, CA back in the infancy of the Palm Springs craze.

So imagine my delight and surprise that at a recent conference, one of our evening events was here, at Greta Garbo’s house.

It was delightful.  

The fun thing about travel, sometimes you get to see some very special places.

My little friend

Making new friends on a beautiful day in the bee yard.

I had just put the sugar syrup in the feeder, and had some on my hands.

We hung out while she had a snack.  Isn’t she pretty?

Rain, Sun, snow, hail, missed approaches, and rainbows

A travel story.

Fun and games in travel land.  Last week I was in Florida.

Lovely beach.

This week I’m in California.  Southern California, Sunny Southern California, well at least today it’s sunny.

It started Sunday night.  My flight was scheduled to arrive at 8:30 pm.  But there were storms, poor visibility, and a very bad missed approach for landing.  Talk about a quiet plane.  It was a completely silent plane.  The crew came on the loudspeaker to let us know that we “missed the approach, and would make a 2nd attempt, but the the weather conditions made their instrument readings at the minimum for safety.”

Well yippee.  So me, I pray for the pilots, and for wisdom, but I don’t want to be redirected to an airport 115 miles away from my destination.

We made the 2nd attempt, but you have figured that out already, since I’m writing this post.

So off and running.  The next morning,  I drive into Irvine, Ca for a meeting, it’s raining all the way.  I see a magnificent double rainbow, right on the freeway, and I drive right through it.  

Image credit Pinterest. 

Right into a hail storm.  Pea sized hail pelted me for a full 5 minutes, everything came to a stop.

Image credit Pinterest. 

Then the sun came out.  I shook my head at the quirky weather, and kept my eye on the East, wondering if Jesus was going to make his appearance, or maybe one of the 4 horseman of the apocalypse. 

The weather finally cleared, and although it is cold in Sunny Southern California, it is sunny, and there is snow in the mountains.

What an amazing place.

I’m so grateful today for the opportunity to be on both the east coast,  and the west coast of this great nation, and surviving some really odd weather.

Good morning world, it’s Tuesday

I saw this quote this morning on Pinterest.  It really spoke to me.

I guess I realize how far I have come from being a consummate people pleaser.

When you realize that you don’t need anyone’s approval for anything in life, it is freeing.

When you become ok with yourself, the whole world changes.

When you stop looking to other people for validation, you can be your own source of happiness. 

Today, I’m grateful that I can just be me.

Have a great Tuesday.

Gratitude Sunday

Image from Pinterest.
I’m in awe of the ease that 2017 has started with.  I know we are only starting the year, but I am aware of a positivity every where I go.

I don’t mean to imply that all things are without issue, but the issues are more manageable, and the outcomes more pleasing.  

I’ve reestablished a kernel of Joy, deep in my being.  The joy has been growing, and has been one of the missing factors of my gratitude journey.  

Rediscovering joy, has brought a bit more balance, and fun to my life.  It has helped me be more me.

Today, I am grateful for the joy that is growing in me daily.

What are you grateful for today?

Bitter sweet–Watching the Karma train roll by

It is a humbling, bitter sweet moment when you see the person who caused so much trauma, stress, and ultimately my 18 month unemployment get the boot, in an extraordinary fashion.

In a “reverse take over” my former employer took over a competitor, and kept all the competitor’s employees.  They let go of everyone that got them started, including my former boss, and the boss before her who had just joined the group.  I got to see two very selfish, difficult, and self serving people get used and cast aside in an atrocious fashion.

I thought I would be happy to witness their set down.  I’m not.  I’m not happy to see anyone get treated badly, regardless of their behavior.  Bad things happen to good and bad people.  I can honestly say, it is difficult to watch.

Knowing that I got set down, but didn’t deserve it, it is just a very humbling moment. 

A cautionary tail.  Be careful of wanting to see another’s failure.  It isn’t what you think it will be.
Today, I’m grateful for my new job, for open eyes, and a better understanding that Justice is the Lords, but I don’t need to see it.

Back to Work on a Tuesday

I like going back to work on a Tuesday.

Starting a New Year on a Tuesday is fun.  I’m looking forward to this coming year.

Like a new journal, or a new coloring book, it is beckoning me to get creative.


Each day has it’s own opportunities.

I hope your Tuesday is Fabulous!

Welcome 2017



This made me laugh.  The secret lives of farm critters.  It reminded me of a Far Side Cartoon.

2017 is here.  I’m dedicated to expressing gratitude more often.

Today we woke up to really big Thunderstorms.  The wind whipped in from the north.  The thunder shook the house.  The rain created rivers in the street.  The clouds were dark, dark, purple, and I thought we might be headed toward Tornado warnings.

Then it all stopped.

The clouds cleared out to the most beautiful, warm day.  I sat on the porch in a camisole and shorts, and got some sun.

Nothing like tanning in January.

So, today I am grateful for rain, sun, and something funny to make me smile.

Happy January.