Farewell 2016!

2016….what a year.

A year of searching and finding.

A year of honey, and beeswax, lotions, soaps, and products from the hive.


A year of capturing swarms, re-queening hives, and nurturing the bees.

2016 gave us Contentious political debates, uncovered debauchery, treachery, lies, and fraud.

Fake news complaints by the media that created the Fake news.

Death of Rockers, Actors, and Beloved Icons.


Fires, Floods, and Frightening Facts about the corruption in Washington D.C.

Finding a new job meant leaving behind the long lunches with friends, and finding new ways to stay connected.

Breaking through rocky ground and continuing to cultivate gratitude in my life.

Slowing down how often I post on WordPress, and seeing my followers grow to almost 600.  I’m amazed and grateful.

Change is inevitable, and I am looking forward to a better 2017.

Cheers to 2017:  To a Great Honey Harvest, Great Business Opportunities, Great times with Friends, To a sweeter year, a kinder year, and one that brings dreams to life.

Happy New Year.




11 thoughts on “Farewell 2016!

  1. You did a great job of summarizing 2016. Now I can feel guiltless ignoring the media pundits who want to tell me what to think about the year past. I hope all of your wishes for the new year are realized. I love your line “Breaking through rocky ground and continuing to cultivate gratitude in my life.” A meaningful word picture, for sure! Happy 2017, Wendy!

  2. As we share our name, I couldn’t resist popping across to your blog when I saw your comment on Miriam’s Outanabout post.. I’m glad I did and I recognise that ‘wind of change’ for 2017! I wish you great success and hope your dreams for 2017 come true! x

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