13 thoughts on “Some assembly required

    • Ours was really quite tame, but fun. One of our group participates in Tail Gate challenges, so they cooked for us, and we met at a really low key club house in another co-workers neighborhood. Everyone participated in the Ugly Sweater contest, and every table got busy with the Gingerbread houses. It was my first one with this group, and I had a lot of fun.

      • Good for you! I hear they are thinking of taking us out to a Mexican restaurant but I’m the only office worker, everyone else is a big burly electrician so I really don’t think they expect me to go…whew!

  1. My husband was the genius behind the pretty house, my boss Calvin took the frosting away from one of the closers, and he and the other Partner, Tom, proceeded to slap everything they could onto one house, including an empty cup and some napkins. They showed their silly side, and we all had a great time.

      • Good idea. And if you don’t have a truly ugly Christmas sweater, you can shop the sales this year after Christmas. True confession: as a teacher I was a version of Ms. Frizzle before there was a Ms. Frizzle (children’s book character who dresses to fit the unit she is teaching). Of course, not every day. And by the end of my career we were not allowed to teach thematically 😦 At any rate, I had enough Christmas sweatshirts, made for me by sweet parents (mostly from crafty Texas) and a few of my own creation, to wear a different one each day for the two weeks preceding Christmas. Thanks for bringing back the good memories, and I’m glad you had a great time with your co-workers.

      • I love Ms. Frizzle and the Magic School Bus! Fun story about the sweaters and sweat shirts. Today we had strange TX weather. 35 this morning, 75 this afternoon. Drizzling rain.

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