A strange Thursday, appreciating who I am

I am all people. 

I am rich,

I am poor,

I am strong,

I am creative,

I am funny, well I crack myself up.

I am indifferent,

I care,

But I don’t care, if you are a stupid taker….you are on your own.

Show me who you are, 

I will let you see part of me.

Try to control me,

You will reap my wrath.

Work with me,

You will see how generous, and hard working I am.

I am a paradox.  

I am open, like a book that most won’t read.

I am selective, and if I like you, you have a loyal friend, even if you don’t want me.

INTJ: You are the coldest shard of ice, but also the hottest flash of lightning. You are the softest velvet in a rose petal, and also the sharpest thorns underneath. You’re the terrifying depth to the ocean, and yet you are also the sun twinkling on the waves. You may be the sultriest summer day, but often you choose to be the quiet coldness of a winter morning. You are the calmest logic and also the roil of blood boiling under your skin. Of all these things, INTJ, you are a Paradox.

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