Farewell 2016!

2016….what a year.

A year of searching and finding.

A year of honey, and beeswax, lotions, soaps, and products from the hive.


A year of capturing swarms, re-queening hives, and nurturing the bees.

2016 gave us Contentious political debates, uncovered debauchery, treachery, lies, and fraud.

Fake news complaints by the media that created the Fake news.

Death of Rockers, Actors, and Beloved Icons.


Fires, Floods, and Frightening Facts about the corruption in Washington D.C.

Finding a new job meant leaving behind the long lunches with friends, and finding new ways to stay connected.

Breaking through rocky ground and continuing to cultivate gratitude in my life.

Slowing down how often I post on WordPress, and seeing my followers grow to almost 600.  I’m amazed and grateful.

Change is inevitable, and I am looking forward to a better 2017.

Cheers to 2017:  To a Great Honey Harvest, Great Business Opportunities, Great times with Friends, To a sweeter year, a kinder year, and one that brings dreams to life.

Happy New Year.




Christmas Day

A minimalist Christmas at our house.

A poinsettia, a nativity, and a trip to the Island.

It was a time to wonder at Industry, History, and Luxury.

Industry, an oil Derek ready to get drilling, and a friendly tug ready to tug you along.

History, a Tall Ship, The Elissa built in 1877.  An Iron Hulled Sail ship, beautiful.

And Luxury.

It boggles my mind, but I’d love to go out for a cruise on either of those ships.  

Everything is fine on Island Time.  

A lovely 80 degree day on Galveston Island.

Merry Christmas.

Not in the holiday spirit, just funny

I’m so tired of offended individuals.

So all you whiney, complaining, offended, grasping for the smallest slight so that you can continue your drama…I have a pill for you.

If I have to endure one more article on “fake news” by a fake news repository, like they are surprised, I’m going to put them up an Academy Award.

It is Christmas, for Christmas sake, be nice to each other and stop complaining.

Thank you and goodnight.

Some assembly required

At our office Christmas party, we had a Gingerbread House decorating contest.

Some were pretty….some were funny.

But we were all festive, in bows and ribbons, and moose sweaters.

A good time was had by all. 

A strange Thursday, appreciating who I am

I am all people. 

I am rich,

I am poor,

I am strong,

I am creative,

I am funny, well I crack myself up.

I am indifferent,

I care,

But I don’t care, if you are a stupid taker….you are on your own.

Show me who you are, 

I will let you see part of me.

Try to control me,

You will reap my wrath.

Work with me,

You will see how generous, and hard working I am.

I am a paradox.  

I am open, like a book that most won’t read.

I am selective, and if I like you, you have a loyal friend, even if you don’t want me.

INTJ: You are the coldest shard of ice, but also the hottest flash of lightning. You are the softest velvet in a rose petal, and also the sharpest thorns underneath. You’re the terrifying depth to the ocean, and yet you are also the sun twinkling on the waves. You may be the sultriest summer day, but often you choose to be the quiet coldness of a winter morning. You are the calmest logic and also the roil of blood boiling under your skin. Of all these things, INTJ, you are a Paradox.

I forgot the 4th Ninja Turtle’s name, or Random Wandering Thoughts

One of those sleepless nights, where the mind wanders.

We had found a new series on Netflix on the de Medicis.

Quite a few Game of Thrones actors in this one, and just as political and scheming.

After tossing and turning I started thinking about the DaVinci series that came out a few years ago.

This deMedici doesn’t feature Leonardo DaVinci, but it does have Donatello as one of the artists of the age.

So my active, intellectual mind segued right into cartoons as I tried to remember all the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle characters.

I couldn’t recall Michael Angelo.

I will have to write Netflix and see if they can’t put together a series on the other Italian Artists so I can keep my Turtles straight.

I’m going back to bed now.  This seems like a really odd dream.

Funny memory, Redneck ingenuity, Recovery from Knee Replacement. 

On 11/30, very early in the morning I took my husband in for a scheduled knee replacement surgery.

He did great, and breezed through the first few days of excersizes.  He skipped the Walker, opting for 1 crutch until he got steady.

He was home in 48 hours, and decided to vacuum and clean……I kid you not!

He went into Physical therapy with range of motion most people have upon leaving.

We are on the cusp of the 3rd week of recovery and he’s walking without a cane, and now he’s going stir crazy.  So we started going through pictures.

Do you know what this is?

I took the picture in July 2013. We were on a motorcycle vacation in the Blue Ridge.  

My man, who won’t sit down for knee replacement, won’t sit down for a leaky intake pipe either.  The bike with the leaky intake wasn’t ours, but my man came up with idea, and did the work so we could get the other bike back home safely.

Yes, he took a Dr. Pepper can, snipped it apart, and wrapped it around the pipe.  Yep.  

He’s my redneck, and he’s pretty much a bearded superman to me.

Flying in a little plane.  Or, what happens when you get caught speeding in the sky.

Image credit Pinterest.  (Not our actual plane.)
Our firm has a contract with a private airline, that flies regionally.  

One of the partners decided not to go to a meeting we were having in Dallas, so I got to take his seat on the “plane”.

I’ve always flown a lot, but only commercially, so this was a new experience for me.  The company flies a small 8 seater.  I don’t know what kind, but I had a great view of the pilot, co-pilot and cockpit.

Halfway from Dallas to Houston, a very loud alarm started beeping, and the pilots started working the control panel, and smiled at each other as the alarm subsided. 

The 7 of us in the cabin were wide eyed, and sitting up straight.  The co-pilot turned and said, “we got caught speeding”.

I had no idea they had speed limits in the sky.  You learn something new, everyday.  I decided at that point I would indulge in one of the adult beverages they provided.  I was very grateful for minor alarms.

What was really cool, was no TSA lines, no body scans, no pat downs, no arriving 2 hours early, and it was at a little airport 15 minutes from the house.  I could get used to this kind of flying.

Where ever you find yourself on this fine Friday, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

TGIF everyone.