Are you a dim bulb?

Dim Bulb…it was a cut, a slight, a disparaging remark to insult someone if you called them a dim bulb.

I realized why we couldn’t see well to read at the kitchen table.

Not only were two burnt out, but two more were quite dim.  Can you see the reflection in the bulb?

Darn you dim bulb.

Today I’m grateful for light, and the ability to have more light for the Holidays.  

Oh, and tall, handsome sons to reach things too tall for the mama.  That’s awesome.

4 thoughts on “Are you a dim bulb?

  1. Hi Wendy, it’s funny how we try to adapt to new things withou realizing how easy it to fix them. And yes to lights, i have lots of them on right now, hubby is complaining about the energy bill, but who cares? This time of the year is a must!

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