I Blinked Again

Just a blink ago it was Monday.

I think I need to stop blinking, cause the weeks are going way too fast.

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Happy Friday all!  I hope your weekend is Fabulous.

Today I am so grateful for my family.  My oldest son is coming home tomorrow, and we will have everyone in the house for a week.  It will be a great Thanksgiving week.

We did a dry run on our Turkeys last weekend, so guess who is adding Ham to the menu this year?  I’m grateful for the option to add a little Ham to our Thanksgiving menu.  After all, I’m cooking, I should get a little bit of they say over what I’m putting on the table.  Just saying.

For all my American compatriots, if you are traveling for the Holiday, be safe, enjoy, and I hope you have a wonderful time.

9 thoughts on “I Blinked Again

  1. No Thanksgiving in Mexico either. We priced a turkey and it seemed way too high. It is funny but the hot dogs here are mostly turkey and they have turkey for deli sandwich meat, but you hardly ever see whole turkeys at the store. We went to the big city yesterday for shopping. Costco had them at a high price. Mega (a superstore) had a display for them, but no turkeys. Prices were the same both places. I think the scarcity has to do with their unpredictable ovens. It is probably hard to cook one satisfactorily if you even have been blessed with an oven. Many here use them as storage units for pans. We brought down oven thermometers from the states and my scientist type husband has posted a helpful graph showing the various settings in Centigrade (actually a continuum with few numbers) compared to actual temperatures.

    This weekend and Monday Mexicans are celebrating Día de la Revolución. Morelia had many signs advertising the commercial addition to the holiday–Buen Fin (good weekend) which is their version of U.S. Black Friday.

    May you be blessed, Wendy, with so much to be thankful for and surrounded by family. Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Feliz Dia de la Révolution! And happy shopping on black Friday. We don’t use the oven for our Turkey. We split them down the back, season them up, and put them on the big grill/smoker. They are done in two hours, but you don’t get Stuffing, just dressing. Oh well. One less thing to heat the kitchen up with.

      Have a beautiful week! Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Any day when my whole immediate family is together in one place is a holiday for me! This Thanksgiving only Daughter #1 of 2 is home with us and we just finished assisting her in her first car purchase that she is completely paying for all on her own at the ripe old age of 26. We are grateful for her presence, for the fact that we could still emotionally support and logically advise her, and also for the fact that she is a responsible young adult.
    As our daughters grew, they took over more and more of the cooking and, as they went off to college and to their own lives, especially enjoyed making the old family recipes when they were home for holiday meals like Thanksgiving. Daughter #1 and her boyfriend especially like to cook using fresh ingredients as opposed to frozen or packaged like me. She also really loves Honeybaked Ham, while my spouse still wants the traditional turkey. That means that today I am putting the turkey and the ham in the oven while spouse will handle mashed potatoes and gravy which he learned to make from looking over the shoulder of his late and very traditional mom who cooked and baked for her four sons and spouse in Idaho. Daughter is making the balance of the “traditional” dishes but using new recipes and fresh ingredients, except for pumpkin pie where she is using canned filling and refrigerated dough.

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