Strength against Gravity

Heading home Sunday night, I saw a beautiful, brilliant red sunset……then I turned and saw the Super Moon coming up.

I was so thankful we were coming home on the back roads.  Through Schulenberg, (Home of the Painted Churches.  The few Frescos in Texas),  La Grange…yes, that La Grange where China Grove fans love, Fayetteville (home of the tiny painted houses), Bellville (Some of the best German Meat Markets and bakeries), and finally through Waller County and onward home.  I could never find the nerve to buy any property in Waller county.  Something about the name, I guess.

So here’s the first glimpse I had of the Super Moon.

I find myself in deep quandary again.

Something about my recent job that has thrown my balance off, and now I’m readjusting, or just maybe reacting to the Super Moon.  It’s supposed to be in Taurus, so whatever that might mean.

I’m not a moon worshiper by any stretch of the imagination.  My Logical brain says to me that any created object that can influence millions of gallons of water on our planet has to have an affect on the body.

This moon, has me grumpy, tired, ready to howl or just gore someone with my May baby horns.  Or super Menopausal PMS, or something.  This is not a good moon for me.  In light of that I will turn to the One who is good for me, pray, and breathe, and hope all will be well.  Maybe the fact that the last time the Moon was almost this close I lost a baby has me nostalgic.  That was February of 1993.  My OB told me he had a record number of miscarriages that month.  This moon is closer.  So my prayer is for strength against gravity.

Wherever you are, this moon is an event.  Something that hasn’t happened in 68 years.  But it is just a moon, whatever that might mean to you.

So if you find yourself grumpy, or ready to howl, breathe in some peace.  This moon will pass.  It’s part of nature that ebbs and flows like the tide.  So if you will have some patience, everything will return to normal.  Don’t get drawn out of your peace by something temporary.

8 thoughts on “Strength against Gravity

  1. Great post and a good reminder for all of us. In the past few days we have had ongoing earthquakes here in New Zealand, followed by storms and flooding – so maybe the moon is having an impact on us too. Good to remember that whatever is causing this, it will, at some point, pass. Thanks 🙂

  2. First hand report–teachers are not fans of a full moon! The effect it has on people is real; I just don’t understand how something so beautiful can be so difficult. And for you, such a personal pain. I’m sorry and I hope things will be better for you tomorrow!

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