What I find most interesting in life is the people that complain and rage exhibit the same behavior that they rage about.

If we get back to core values, and are true to ourselves we can walk with more integrity.

Is anything more humbling than truth?  When you get upset and want to complain….then you catch the words before they spill from your lips…..yea, I do that.  Maybe I should shut up.

11 thoughts on “Quotes

  1. We told our boys that if they criticize and call names, in light of the election results, that they’re no better than the person they’re criticizing for calling people names. If nothing else, the next four years should be a good teaching moment, and lesson in practicing what we preach.

    • Isn’t that amazing. We all have more alike than we are willing to talk about. If we all would come together on the 80% that we agree on vs the 20% that divides us we could have a really great country.
      None of us are that far apart.
      We all want integrity, the best for our families, the opportunity that our country has afforded for the last 250 years, we want freedom of expression, the security of knowing our borders are safe, and that the future patriots who come to this country are NOT wolves in sheep’s clothing.
      I had a meeting with a group who immigrated in from Vietnam in the late 80’s, early 90’s. What amazing Americans.
      I had the Honor to work with Hispanics who were the top producers for my company. They called me “Jefe”, it was awesome.
      These folks were not interested in any Status Quo nominees. They recognized the corruption on both sides, and voted for the outsider.
      We will see where we go from here.
      Still, I have more in common with my Vietnamese sand Hispanic friends than most of my neighbor’s….and I’m a conservative/ libertarian/ constitutionalist.

      • I’m a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, socially speaking. I’m a bit more conservative fiscally speaking. But I’m a Liberal. And I act accordingly. My parents were hippies, liberal as they come. I’m thankful for the way I was brought up, the way it shaped my adult mindset, and the way both have influenced the example we try to set for our boys.

      • I love people who are themselves. Authenticity will never go out of style.
        We don’t always have to agree to stay friends, it’s how we disagree, that makes the difference.
        I heard a political pundant raging, and his opponent said so calmly. “My 80% friend will never be my 20% enemy.” It really struck me.
        Politics….it is mostly temporary. Every few years we go through the motions, it’s not worth losing friends over.
        4 years goes fast, we will see what they bring.

      • We are stronger together….sorry. It just slipped out. 😜
        I hope we can always appreciate each other.
        I think you are awesome, and I only wish you and your wonderful family the very best.

    • Just had to chime in when I saw this lovely comment thread — it’s so good to see people online having civil conversations like adults and getting past the silly political name-calling. Hooray to you both!

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