Cheers to a great week

It’s Friday again.  I blink and my week has gone.

So I thought I would take a few minutes and be grateful.

I’m grateful the election is over.

I’m grateful that the common ‘talking point’ on Wednesday from Clinton and Obama was a “Peaceful transition of Power”.  I don’t think I could take more of the contention, lies, and outright BS of the political process.

I’m grateful that after all the miles driven in the last 10 days, I could indulge in a massage. I hadn’t seen my massage therapist in a year.  We hugged and laughed and caught up.  She’s such a lovely person.

I’m grateful that I got an opportunity to actually cook dinner for my family last night, and we could sit down and chat.

I’m so grateful for our Veterans.  Thank you all for your service, and the sacrifice that your families make to keep our nation safe.

Thank you Hillsdale College for putting this together.  Thanks for all your great free classes on the US Constitution too!  I bet your students don’t need therapy dogs, grief counselors, or play dough this week to help them get through the election results.


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