Rainy Conventions and lights in the trees

A few productive days in Dallas, Tx.  Our convention was in a suburb a little north of the City called Plano.  A bad attempt at speaking Spanish by the settlers in the area, so we were taught in our Texas History class.  A little burb where I went to High School many moons ago.

I got to wander around between sessions, and raindrops. It was really pretty with the wet streets and grey skies.  

I’m so grateful the election is over.  It will be interesting to see where we go from here?  Will the “swamp get drained?”  What will those first 100 days look like with a Republican sweep?  Are the establishment “Never Trumpers” shaking in their shiny oxfords?  

I’m also very grateful to be fully occupied with business since Sunday night, and not watching the silly news.

5 thoughts on “Rainy Conventions and lights in the trees

  1. Plano looks beautiful. I went there to visit inlaws a very long time ago. All I can remember is a small airport where we landed our little plane with the benefit of my father-in-law’s headlights to show us the runway and the typical Dallas suburb of nice homes. I guess we didn’t go anywhere. I’m glad they have such a nice convention area for you to enjoy.

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