@2am, a jumble of thoughts


Photo by me.  I took this at the Pawn Stars Shop in Vegas.  No I didn’t see Chumly.  I was surprised at the Art on display.

Time is a funny thing.

It flies.

It drags.

It evaporates.

Sometimes it melts.

Sometimes you can have it all at once for just $599.00  Plus tax.


6 thoughts on “@2am, a jumble of thoughts

  1. Good take on time. I think most of us have a love/hate relationship with time and how it affects us. When I was youthful, being up at 2:00 was exhilarating. Now it is frustrating because it means sleep is escaping me and I will be tired when I need to function. You used your 2:00 waking to good advantage!

    • Right? 2 am for me is just losing sleep too, but if I write something, get the mental energy calmed down, I can get back to sleep. 😊
      Time and perception are two subjects on my mind right now.

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