80’s flash back

Going to college

Waiting tables

Hating the Sorority

Bad Perms

Big Hair

Breaking out

Dancing till dawn

The Bangles

Glenn Frye

Huey Lewis


Flock of Seagulls

The Police

Men at Work

Back to the Future

Top Gun

Crocodile Dundee

Flash Dance

No cell phones

No internet

No Pagers

Writing long letters

Taking long road trips

Grainy out of focus photos

Shoulder pads

Neon everything

The Glory Days

Just a wink and a smile.

More change

It isn’t like I thought would be all roses.  But I didn’t think I’d lose them all.

I lost them all.

The last one met me yesterday to let me know they were going on without me…for the best for them.  They would be perpetually going on without me.

So, after they all bailed on me for our trip to the Dallas Arboretum.  Our original trip was for 10/15.  One by one. They all had a really lame excuse.  I continued to reach out.  To stay connected the last couple weeks.  I finally got a response.

The messenger was nervous.  Her hands shook.  They were moving on without me to the place I introduced them.  They are going next week, mid week, without me…to my place the Dallas Arboretum.  She felt a bit guilty for that, as it was my idea…but “so what”?

They would be continually moving on.  They had other priorities.  

I don’t know when I’ve lost so many people in such a short period of time….all women, all who were supposed to be my friends.  The ultimate result of “so what?”

There are days when I sincerely dislike women.  Groups of women who cling together instead of having individual thought. But how did This happen?   I thought I had a better insight, a better creep-o-meter?  

The unintended consequences of “so what”.

Today, I am grasping for gratitude.  So I go back to the basics.

I’m grateful for life and breath, a husband who loves me beyond measure, beautiful sons, bees, a new job.

So I send my former friends off with appreciation for supporting me over the last year.

I wish I still fit in, but I send you off with all my best. 

Onward we go.

Happy Friday!

If you are participating in some Halloween fun, enjoy.

It’s been a mellow, but successful week.  I’m grateful for Friday.  I’m stocked up for the beggars.

Looks like it will be a good week end!

@2am, a jumble of thoughts


Photo by me.  I took this at the Pawn Stars Shop in Vegas.  No I didn’t see Chumly.  I was surprised at the Art on display.

Time is a funny thing.

It flies.

It drags.

It evaporates.

Sometimes it melts.

Sometimes you can have it all at once for just $599.00  Plus tax.


Honey and little Visitors

Last weekend the bees were in a great mood, even though we snagged about 4 frames of honey from them.

Last night, I mashed and smashed the comb and extracted the honey.

It’s some of the darkest and thickest honey we’ve collected yet.  We ended up with 8 pounds total. That’s not too terrible, 2 pounds per frame.  Hopefully we will have some more waiting for us in the next couple of weeks.

I set the empty honey frames outside, as they were a stick mess, along with the rest of the kitchen.

This morning, I had some little visitors cleaning up my frames.  Sorry for those of you who don’t iPhone.  I don’t know if you will be able to see it or not.

It’s our first really cool day in months.  I was a little sad not to be out at the bee yard, and seeing what my girls were up to.  These ladies are local to our neighborhood and were kind enough to come by and clean up for me.

So I got some bee time in, which made me smile.  Sweet little bees.

Today I’m grateful for mellow sunshine, cooler weather, productive bees, and a chance to get some honey.

Jealousy, a picture paints a thousand words.

“I need you to get your Aunt Bobby’s picture and bring it to me.”  

An unusual request, but my little cousin complied.

My Grandma had hidden a picture behind my mom’s picture that she kept on her dresser.

My mind goes a little sideways at the mention of the story.  This isn’t a photo of her and my Grandfather.  She had a beau that she remembered fondly.

At my Gradmother’s funeral, we were telling stories.  This was a special one.

My Grandmother had 12 brothers and sisters.  She was taken out of school in 8th grade and “fostered out” in the Scots/Irish practice to help support the family.  She and her older sister Crystal were fostered to a family in Charleston W. Virginia.  My Aunt Crystal was a maid, my Grandmother was the cook.  Their income was sent to their family for support, and to pay debts. 

My Grandmother had gone to school with my grandfather. They met when they were 8 years old.  They planned to marry.  When my grandmother left for Charleston, things cooled down, and my grandmother agreed to a few dates as my Grandfather stopped writing or visiting her.

She sent this picture to my grandfather when he ceased his attentions.  She told him that unless he fixed his car, and came to see her, she would agree to marry another.

Well, Grandpa got his stuff together. But Grandma kept the picture.

Her aloofness is obvious.  The suitors ardor is apparent.  

What do you see in the photo?

I look at the careful way she dressed.  The peep-toed shoes, the suit, the little clutch bag, the possessive male at her side.  The coy way she is looking away.

A picture paints a thousand words.

What do you see?

Beautiful day in the bee yard

The sun was mellow, but the heat was inescapable. 

The girls were really busy bring in the golden rod nectar and pollen.

Then I got a special treat.

I got to see a book from 1901 on bee keeping.  It is so cool!

It is so beautifully written, and the photos and illustrations are magnificent.  

What a great treat to hold this piece of history in my hands.

Our first few frames of honey were plucked up this weekend.  So we will be getting sticky putting that goodness into jars.

Have a great week!