I’ve got a few things on my mind

First!  I’m so grateful that our lovely blogging buddy Diane from Ladies who lunch came through her surgery well, and is resting and recovering.

Cheers to you and your boobs!  Just in time for Save the TA-Tas month.

Image credit Pinterest.

I finished up my full second week of work still smiling.  I’m a happy girl, actively employed, enjoying getting back to my industry and friends.  I lost some of my desk “stamina”, but I’m sure with time and practice, I can get back in condition.

I’ve forgotten how to pack….so I’m scrambling to get ready to fly to Vegas for a convention.  I may have overpacked.  Fortunate for me, there is great shopping where I’m headed!  That way I can bring a second suitcase home?  I might need to rethink this.

I’m not a gambler by any stretch of the imagination, so I hope I get to Coddywomple around the strip and people watch.

Our group is at the Luxor.  Between the Pyramid, the Eiffel Tower, and the dancing water at the Bellagio, I will have a lot to see.

Cheers all!  Have a great weekend.

13 thoughts on “I’ve got a few things on my mind

  1. I’m so happy that Diane’s surgery was a success. I’m sure that she’s under the weather from the meds. I’m also happy for you and that your new job is wonderful. As a side note, I’ve never had more interest in bees than I have today. I’m buzzing. 😀

  2. What a joyous post! Diane’s successful surgery, your wonderful week and travel plans for next week, AND a new (for me) word–coddiwomple. Did you coddiwomple through this post? As to the bees, that is just too funny for words. Brave girl.
    Have a great weekend!

    • I did Coddiwomple through this post. I meandered, mused, and sashayed through it as well. I’m a happy girl. Lots to be thankful for!
      Have a wonderful weekend my friend!
      And Praise God for being so good to Diane! May He continue to bless her, fully.

  3. Hi Wendy, so good to know you are happy with the new job. Have fun in Vegas, remember what happens there stays there 🙂 Well, I’m cleaning up my blog, so deleting lots of people I follow, it’s easier to delete everyone and them follow back the important ones. So don’t be surprised when you see I’m following you again! 🙂

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