10 thoughts on “I won’t forget

  1. This is actually a great depiction of what 9/11 is to America. In adversity, we found a moment to become united. I hope that on this 15th commemoration, that as you said, we can find a way to put aside what divides us and once again unite.

  2. Moving away from devisiveness would be fantastic. Seems to be more prevalent though. In that respect, that day accomplished what they were hoping for. Why we haven’t come together instead of driving a wedge further between ourselves after such an event is beyond me. 😕

    • Right? It just doesn’t make any sense. It makes me really sad, but like I told a friend who doesn’t have the same opinion as my husband politically…”those jerks in Washington aren’t worth losing a friend over, can we concentrate on what we have in common?” Thankfully they agreed.

      Have a great week!

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