Whew, I got overwhelmed

Have you ever got caught up and realized….oh gee this is way too much.

Negativity, sex, doom, gloom, sadness in 7-10 blog posts per day…..oh my.  I feel the need to form an intervention party, then I realize, I’m just a reader, and I do have some say so over what I subscribe to receive.

I still hate the all or nothing aspect.  I’d like to follow, and check in when I have the emotional reserves to read everything. These poor souls are pouring out so much.  I wish them well.  

I’ve commented, encouraged, questioned, made recommendations, offered resources to these lovely people who seem to be genuinely suffering, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. They appear to like their suffering, it’s what they identify with.  This one dear lady, the more I encourage her, the more she posts on her distress, depression, anxiety, and fear.  I’ve stopped commenting, and she wants to know why I don’t comment any more?

Have you ever subscribed, cared, then been overwhelmed?

It’s quite disheartening. 

There are so many authentic and interactive bloggers out there.  Thank you all for being real.

Happy Thursday Evening my friends.  May your WordPress reader be filled with everything you enjoy, and bloggers who don’t “fill you too full”.
Any thoughts, suggestions, comments, or recommendations would be sincerely appreciated.

13 thoughts on “Whew, I got overwhelmed

  1. Yes, there are those who get something out of the attention garnered via suffering. As you return to work, you will probably have a lot less time for blogging and responding to the blogs of others. It may be a good time to let go of some that you have tried to encourage. There is limitless love, but just so much time and energy in a day. If you get too drained by others, you won’t have enough left for yourself and your family. I wish you well in finding that happy middle ground; it is definitely a balancing act.

  2. I hope my whining hasn’t turned you away…lol. God knows I do enough of it.

    Anyways, I’ve never actually had anyone question why I haven’t commented in a while, but I hope people would accept that life does happen. And in know way should anyone feel any guilt over living life…

  3. I know what you mean, and I wonder sometimes how much more encouragement I can give without sounding redundant or insincere. But I am sincere. Some the posts are hard to read or sad or hopeless. As someone who’s cursed with empathy, and after dealing with sick or depressed or dying patients on a daily basis at work, I get full too. Hell, I’ve got things to worry about and be sad about and stressed about too. But, I can’t help but respond, to encourage, and to try to prop others up somehow. It’s instinctual or something. And, in your case, your starting a new chapter yourself, with all the accompanying stress and unknown and whatnot. I get it. 😊

  4. I hear you 🙂 I am finding that the older I get the less tolerance I have for ‘won’t help myself’ers. I have had to become hard and only interact with those that don’t make me feel bad for not feeling bad and I have had to accept that I can’t fix everyone. Some people just don’t want to be fix and are just happy being miserable and letting everyone know about it. I have decided that from hence forth I shall be neither a glass half empty nor a glass half full person. I don’t need half measures. I threw the half arse glass away and got a new one. My glass is brimming and life is a joy and made to be living 😀

    • Very well put.
      It is a balancing act. There are people in the blogosphere who use this format to vent, and find their balance. It is not getting caught up where no help can ever make a difference, and understanding that balance that I have to master. Some days I’m better than others.

  5. Hi Wendy, I know how difficult it is to deal with certain people. I’ve given up, no advice, no trying to understand. The important is that you show you are there for them.

  6. Hey Wendy, I know what you mean. I’ve come across a few dark bloggers that almost seem to thrive on negativity. It gets tiring after awhile and I’ve stopped commenting (and reading) a couple of them. Some people enjoy wallowing but it doesn’t mean we have to listen.

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