Dipping my toe back in

The excitement builds as the start date for my new Job gets closer.

The press release went out today….Snort….I got a press release.  In my nerdy-ness, I sent it to everyone.  Cause, I now have a job.  (giggle)

The energy is amazing as the emails flew about today to prepare for next week, the conference in Las Vegas at the end of this month, the conference in Boston in October, the hosted events already scheduled the next few weeks, and my calendar started to magically fill up.

Even with this little flurry of activity, and preview of what is to come I feel such contentment, such calm delight, such joy.

I’m so grateful.  The last year has been a blur.  Not a bad year by any means.  It has been a learning year, a preparing year, and a resting year.

All the interviews, all the declines, every time I got frustrated, I could hear down deep in my heart.  “Not Yet.”

It’s so exciting that “Yet” is here.  It is time.  Not just that, it is “Go” time.

With my toe back in the water, I can tell the water is great.  I’m ready to jump right in.img_1717

Image credit:  Pinterest


23 thoughts on “Dipping my toe back in

  1. Wonderful! Your first month will be so busy. I’m grateful your calendar is already filling up so you have a plan before you ever walk in the door. This picture is perfect for you today!

    • I’m going back to the industry I’ve been in for the last 25 years, but in a different capacity.
      I’m working with a law firm as a marketing rep calling on all my old clients, just representing a different product and service.

      It’s a huge opportunity, and exactly what I was looking for, and working with people I’ve known and admired for most of my career.

      It is so good to see you back! I hope you will post more of your Olympic experiences.

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