A 2 am post

Oh my bright and brilliant brain is bashing about in my head.

Today was a crazy day.

Randomly, I ran around laughing.

I tried TRX. ( I was happy with my first attempt.)

I participated in a Yin Yoga class, and worked on my Pigeon Pose.  The instructor was adorable, and pontificated at length on where anger is stored in the body, and why Pigeon pose helps release that anger.  I didn’t feel any anger, just happiness that the half-split was not too difficult for me to do.

Tomorrow I head back to PIYO, and I’m actually afraid.

So…….now at 2 am, I’m wired for sound.

I am so completely thankful that my new job will start soon, but now I’m a-jumble with thoughts.  Thoughts like annoying flies that have to be swatted away.

So…..I will focus on what I’m thankful for, like my supportive husband, my sweet puppy dogs, the last year of learning, blogging, my blogging buddies, and that I have an internet connection at 2 am when I’m rambling and musing about.


I feel better now.  Good night.


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