8 thoughts on “No Dairy, No wheat? No Wine? What?

  1. “Food” for thought: some doctors/researchers now believe cholesterol numbers are not important. I utter “grrr” when I think of all the foods that were on a bad list that are now OK to Excellent: wine, coffee, steak,butter, eggs, chocolate. There are probably more. I’m not saying don’t take your doctor’s advice, but take it with a grain of salt. I don’t eat a lot of meat, but (after the Depression years), my mother probably ate meat at every meal including sausage or bacon every morning for breakfast. She never had high cholesterol or heart problems. She passed away at 95. Good luck with your health journey; it is a struggle to wade through all the developing theories that are touted as fact. BTW, I love the quote.

    • My LDL, the bad, sticky, cholesterol was her concern.
      She says if I can get my cholesterol “fluffy”, and increase my good numbers, she will back off the heat.
      She loves eggs, and good fat, like avocado, olive oil. She hates carbs, and thinks they cause too many problems.

      She has this quote on her wall in every room of her office.
      “Great doctors prevent disease”
      “Good doctors treat disease”

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