Have or Had


Image credit:  Gratitudehabitat.com


There is something about 2 am.  I get these unusual sparks of energy.  Sometimes creativity comes to tap me on the shoulder, and my mind is off and running.

We spent a hot, muggy, Saturday in the Bee yard.  In the heat, you can feel the blood pulsing through your veins, every heart beat seems like a bass drum banging in my chest.  My ears thrum with the pressure, as the sweat pours down my face, neck, back, and chest.

I appreciate cool water, and cool breezes.

The heat doesn’t bother the bees.  They seem more active than ever.  Each hive has a flurry of activity.  A steady stream of bees landing on the front porch, and taking off.

Bright yellow and white pollen dots their back legs, and fills their pollen baskets.

Prying open the inner cover of The Hive.  (The one where we placed our big swarm captured last spring.)  I have a huge smile on my face.  I look up at my husband and say, “Can you smell the Honey?”

The whole hive is perfumed with the scent of honey.  Pulling frames, we can see how busy these girls have been, and that the recent rains have given them a mid summer opportunity to pack away some sweet nectar.

Riding home from the bee work, sweaty, dirty, and tired.  It’s a good tired.

I’m grateful for the strength and health to work the bees.

I’m grateful for the rain that has brought out natural forage for them.

I’m grateful for a little piece of property where we can get away from the hustle-bustle, and hang out with little critters who make honey.


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