I am a Bee

I am a bee,

Flitting from flower to flower.

Washboarding on the hive;

back and forth

back and forth.

am a bee.

It’s not about me.

It’s about the hive.

Here’s the flowers,

We stay alive.

I am a bee.

I dance and show my sisters

where to find the flowers, and the water.

I am the bee,

We will survive forever after,

We will benefit everything every where we go.

I am a bee.

So, Wendy?  What does this have to do with the interview?

I realized in the middle of the interview, how my job has always been like being a bee.

I go from prospect to prospect, client to client.

I let my staff know where the best opportunities are.

Everything I do is to pollinate my territory with information, solutions to problems, and products they need, so that they can be more productive.

I do no harm to any, but only seek to find ways to help my clients and to bring business into my company.  Like a bee pollinates flowers, and brings the information for the best sources into the hive.

I’m fiercely protective of my hive, my family, and will sting to protect them or myself.

I’m a bee.

I produce sweetly, and sometimes I’m a bit sticky, and painful.

I am a bee.


Photo Credit:  Me.  The Green Dot is my All American Queen from Rossman, beautiful brood pattern.  She’s a mighty queen.

The 2nd Photo is outside on the front porch, the fuzzy big bugs in the middle are the Male drones out for the evening air along with their sisters who watch over them.

13 thoughts on “I am a Bee

  1. So good to read that the interview went well! Hooray! I LOVE the analogy, it is so on the mark! I didn’t know you were a bee farmer, what a great hobby!

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