Happy Monday

Image credit itsalovelylife.com

Happy Monday my friends.  I hope your week is fabulous.

This quote struck me this morning, as I have been restless and searching.

I intend and purpose to put this into practice this week.

What helps you relax and be at peace?

Does guilt or anxiety ever creep in and surprise you?

8 thoughts on “Happy Monday

  1. I usually get a bit of anxiety if I’m tossing and turning in bed. Then there are other times that I write about it in an effort to release the thoughts. The quote is wonderful, and so very true. Thanks for the share, Wendy!

    • I find my mind takes off in a direction, and before I know it, I’ve got 3 years worth of things that haven’t happened that I’m worried about. If I catch myself early, I can switch gears. It takes a lot of practice, but I’m getting better.

  2. “Does guilt or anxiety ever creep in and surprise you?” So glad I am not alone. Sometimes I will see something or someone will say or do something that, unbeknownst to them, triggers a memory I would rather not have. And the worst part is the surprise of it all. It’s easy to let it ruin your day; it’s harder to ignore it–but the wiser choice.

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