You get me

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On a dark and stormy night, in 1991.

Alone and afraid,

The wind blew the roof shingles across the yard,

The fence went a mile away.

The house was empty of furniture, appliances, and food.

Just me and my 2 year old baby. 

Thinking of going forward alone, it was a relief.

Thinking of what might be better.

Never going back.

Cutting all ties.

I pray.


I’ve messed up.  

I didn’t listen. 

You told me not to marry him, and now he’s gone, with everything he could carry.

Forgive me for not listening.

Help me get through this time.

I won’t marry again, unless you say so.

If you do have someone for me.

He has to be someone who loves me, really loves me.

He has to be someone who can look in my face and see me.

He has to know me, and trust me.

He has to work, and be a full partner in my life.

Looking back on the hole that I dragged myself out of 25 years ago, I find myself so grateful for the mistakes I’ve made.  It led me to here.

I couldn’t be happier for the life I have now. 

To have a man who gets me, it is the most fulfilling thing in my life…irritating sometimes, cause he sees everything.  But that is probably good too.  I can’t hide from him, and he’s ok with that.  How sexy is it to have someone who really “gets you”.  And everything is ok.  

I’m so blessed.  So grateful that I have someone in my life who gets me.

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