Bees and flowers, laughter in the Garden, calming moments.

I found myself hyperventilating this morning in anticipation of a potential job offer.  Will it come?  Will it not?

So I gave myself a good shake, and a talking to and got in the Jeep.

I drove myself to my favorite Garden Center, The Arbor Gate in Tomball, Tx.  

Almost immediately I felt calmer.  

The sun is starting to mellow as we move into September.   Bev, the owner of the Arbor Gate, greeted me when I got there, and we talked about fall planting and when the Swiss Chard will come in.  I love Swiss Chard, it is so colorful in the garden, and quite tasty too.

I wandered about and took pictures, breathed in the garden fragrances, meandered in the herb house, and laughed at the bumble bees.  They would land on flimsy flower stems, and the stems would bow low to the ground, then spring up as the Bumbley Bees would fly off.

The Terra Cotta smiling children and pigs were so darn cute.  I had to linger and consider a purchase. 

There is something about a beautiful garden that speaks to my soul.

The final sign was priceless.  So I’m taking off my glasses for today and I’m going to stop obsessing over something I can’t control.

Thank you Gene.

I adored you.

When I was 8, my parents came home from Young Frankenstein laughing.  I loved seeing them laugh.

When I got older, I got to see your movies.  I adored them all, but my favorites were Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein.

I watch them at least once a year, so I’ve seen them at least 30 times since I was old enough to watch.

I saw Mel Brooks recently interviewed, he opined that it was too bad that Blazing Saddles couldn’t be made today.

Image credits You Tube, Movie Stills.

Happy Monday!

Image credit:  crazy girl inc.
It’s Monday again.  
For some reason, I woke up very early and decided to make breakfast…..for the entire week.

Ok, so I overdid it.  But the house smells like bacon, and that makes me happy.

Still no dairy, no wheat, and I reduced my wine intake.  I couldn’t give it all up at one time.  

I tried a PIYO class on Friday, and couldn’t move Saturday or Sunday.  Which is probably why I had a surplus of energy today.  And my excuse for having some wine this weekend.  I couldn’t just lay there bored and watching TV, screaming every time I had to get up or when I had to fall on the toilet to go pee.  I screamed louder when I had to try to stand up.  

So dear ones, I am grateful today for energy, ability, and eggs.  I’m very thankful for the time and desire to get prepared for the week.

I signed up for an hour long ab class today….who knows what I will be able to do tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

What are you grateful for today?

Make it a great Monday!

Ya Know?

There isn’t a lot of quit in me, but sometimes you have to know when you are licked.

No, this isn’t about my interview, Thank God.

It’s about self-realization. 

I’ve been trying too hard to do something because I was in an unknown place, and I didn’t fit in.  So I put on the happy face and tried.

It was terrible.  The harder I tried, the angrier and more unhappy I became.

So, note to self:  when the plants are dead….when you are not where you are supposed to be….go home, or Stop watering!

Have or Had


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There is something about 2 am.  I get these unusual sparks of energy.  Sometimes creativity comes to tap me on the shoulder, and my mind is off and running.

We spent a hot, muggy, Saturday in the Bee yard.  In the heat, you can feel the blood pulsing through your veins, every heart beat seems like a bass drum banging in my chest.  My ears thrum with the pressure, as the sweat pours down my face, neck, back, and chest.

I appreciate cool water, and cool breezes.

The heat doesn’t bother the bees.  They seem more active than ever.  Each hive has a flurry of activity.  A steady stream of bees landing on the front porch, and taking off.

Bright yellow and white pollen dots their back legs, and fills their pollen baskets.

Prying open the inner cover of The Hive.  (The one where we placed our big swarm captured last spring.)  I have a huge smile on my face.  I look up at my husband and say, “Can you smell the Honey?”

The whole hive is perfumed with the scent of honey.  Pulling frames, we can see how busy these girls have been, and that the recent rains have given them a mid summer opportunity to pack away some sweet nectar.

Riding home from the bee work, sweaty, dirty, and tired.  It’s a good tired.

I’m grateful for the strength and health to work the bees.

I’m grateful for the rain that has brought out natural forage for them.

I’m grateful for a little piece of property where we can get away from the hustle-bustle, and hang out with little critters who make honey.


I am a Bee

I am a bee,

Flitting from flower to flower.

Washboarding on the hive;

back and forth

back and forth.

am a bee.

It’s not about me.

It’s about the hive.

Here’s the flowers,

We stay alive.

I am a bee.

I dance and show my sisters

where to find the flowers, and the water.

I am the bee,

We will survive forever after,

We will benefit everything every where we go.

I am a bee.

So, Wendy?  What does this have to do with the interview?

I realized in the middle of the interview, how my job has always been like being a bee.

I go from prospect to prospect, client to client.

I let my staff know where the best opportunities are.

Everything I do is to pollinate my territory with information, solutions to problems, and products they need, so that they can be more productive.

I do no harm to any, but only seek to find ways to help my clients and to bring business into my company.  Like a bee pollinates flowers, and brings the information for the best sources into the hive.

I’m fiercely protective of my hive, my family, and will sting to protect them or myself.

I’m a bee.

I produce sweetly, and sometimes I’m a bit sticky, and painful.

I am a bee.


Photo Credit:  Me.  The Green Dot is my All American Queen from Rossman, beautiful brood pattern.  She’s a mighty queen.

The 2nd Photo is outside on the front porch, the fuzzy big bugs in the middle are the Male drones out for the evening air along with their sisters who watch over them.

Setting out


Muir Woods, Ocean View Trail.  Photo by me.

A new trail.

A winding road.

Uncertainty around the bend.

One foot after the other.

Step by step.

Interviewing for a new adventure.

What will tomorrow bring?