A little self care

I’ve had my hair cut twice since April of 2015.

Mainly in an effort to economize while unemployed, but also, I wondered how long I could grow it before it became an uncontrollable mess.

The hairdresser I’ve seen for the last 6 years is a doll, and we have a great relationship.  I would see her every couple of months, and to not have my hair done was a bit of a downer for me, but it was something that I had to consider in our new budget.

The first ‘hair cut’, I cut off my own ponytail.  That didn’t quite accomplish what I had planned.

The second time, I had to get that fixed, and was too embarrassed to go back to my regular gal, Lucy.  She would have given me a ration of crap over cutting off my own ponytail.

Today, I got really lucky.  I called my old salon to book an appointment with Lucy.  Not only was she still there, but she had just had a cancellation.

So after over a year of not caring for my hair, I got a lovely cut and a real hair style from my friend, Lucy.

Ta Da!


I’m terrible at selfies.  This was take 28, of 39.

Self care is a new practice for me.  After 15 months of making do, taking the time and spending the money for a salon cut was so worth it.  It was great to catch up with Lucy, and spend some time getting taking care of was really, really nice.

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