Classic Rock Sunday

What is Classic Rock?  I guess that depends on how old you are.

Trying a little experiment, I went to the classic rock tab on I-Heart Radio….it was a lot of 80’s stuff, which was fun.  Billy Idol was one of my favorites, so I cranked it up for Dancing with Myself and danced around the kitchen.  But for me that was college music.


The Big Dog when I was a Sr. in High School was AC/DC.  Back in Black was on the radio, and we played it loud.  So AC/DC was high school music.


But, this isn’t Classic Rock to me.  I had to go back to the 70’s.  The era that formed my musical appreciation.  What was it that I liked first.

Give me some Queen.


Give me some Boston, Eagles, Elton John.  Or Some Bowie, Petty, Springsteen, ELO, Chicago, Moody Blues even.  Oh how about Steely Dan, CCR, Skynyrd, The Who.

When this girl wants to get her rock on, it’s got to be something pure, real singers, real musicians, and something authentic.  Haven’t heard any rockers with a flautist since the Moody Blues.  Who uses horns like Chicago or the Eagles anymore?  I appreciate the rock bands that could integrate a full orchestra.  What a full, rich, rocking sound.

One of the first concerts I went to was ELO.  What a show.  Loved the Spaceship.  It was the first time I ever smelled pot, and I had to find someone with an extra lighter for me to hold up during the encore.

No one carries lighters anymore…..damn cell phones.  It’s not the same.


What’s Classic to you?

17 thoughts on “Classic Rock Sunday

  1. Im a big fan of Springsteen but all the groups you mention fall into that category, though I think more 70’s than 80’s, which had a lot of hair bands,etc.

  2. Ha! Funny how what was heavy metal and not mainstream in the 80’s is now. I guess since I’m a child of the 80’s it’s a lot of 70’s stuff including bad company, led Zeppelin, Boston, etc.

  3. I’m with on the 70’s being Classic Rock. NOT the 80’s. I was born in ’68 and thus, growing up, it was 70’s rock. I was lucky in that my parents were into various types of music, and I was exposed to lots growing up, even being brought along to concerts as a kid. But to me, Classic Rock entails primarily the 70’s.

    • My dad had great music in the house all the time. From Rat Pack, to Mozart, it was awesome. I’m a bit older than you, so I got some of the hippy stuff, and the ballad folk singers. Puff the Magic Dragon still makes me laugh. When I’m really mellow, I go for the Gordon Lightfoot.

      • Ha! Love Pete Seeger! All that was around, my parent were both hippies themselves. They weren’t the best at being parents, but they gave me a fantastic gift in introducing me to wide arrays of music. 😃

  4. Can you tell I’m catching up 😉? I was born in 80, but I agree that the late 60’s and 70’s are true classic rock, and that’s my favorite genre. Love your choices!

    • It rubbed off on my kids too. We had so much fun going to see the Eagles live in concert a few years ago. They were some of the youngest in the crowd, and singing along. It was fun.

  5. Great Post and Comments ….

    It really does seem to hinge on when you were born. Myself being born in the mid 60’s , has me saying Classic Rock is the 70’s and 80’s, But my older Brothers and Sister’s would tell you it was the 60’s and 70’s. All I know for sure is All 3 Decades (60’s 70’s 80’s ) were without a doubt The absolute best in Music History and could not be any happier that I was able to experience it.

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