Put some butter on it

Not the best photo, with my wires in the back, but I was pretty stoked about these.

I made Body Butter, and it turned out pretty darn cool.

It’s light and silky, and it works great on my beat up feet!

So I’m starting my Wednesday with gratitude for my KitchenAide stand mixer!  

I’m grateful for a practical use for Castor oil that I can apply topically, instead of orally!

I’m grateful for cute little jars that only cost .62 cents!

I’m grateful for lovely supportive commenters on my sappy post yesterday!

I’m grateful I woke up this morning, with a smile and a successful experiment in beauty products.

Have a great Wednesday my friends.

9 thoughts on “Put some butter on it

    • It’s Shea butter, castor oil, Sweet almond oil, Vitamin E, a bit of bees wax, and a little lavender essential oil.
      When I put it in the mixer and whipped it up it got really fluffy and light.
      What’s really cool is it completely absorbs in about 10 minutes, but the effects last all day. šŸ˜Š. I’m a giddy little nerd.

      • I used to use shea butter on my feet. It feels wonderful! Now it’s summer and I’m barefoot most of the time, so there’s no sense in using it. But, when winter rolls around, I’ll be back on board with it.

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