Is it murder or war?


11 officers shot, 4 dead by snipers in Dallas at the Black Lives Matter protest.

Snipers not cooperating with law enforcement, and there is mention of bombs.  The snipers have threatened more violence.

Despite the attack, they protected the Black Lives Matters protesters, and risked their lives to stop the attack.

Downtown Dallas is Closed as a crime scene until all suspects are found, and confirmation of the bomb situation.

This is heartbreaking.  DOWNTOWN DALLAS IS CLOSED AS A CRIME SCENE because of these MURDERERS.

Is this a crime scene, or are we at war?

Please take the time to say a prayer for the people affected, for a swift end to the violence and horrifying hatred being displayed.


7 thoughts on “Is it murder or war?

    • I think I cried all night. I went to a police funeral last year for an officer assassinated, shot 12 times at a gas station while fueling his patrol car. He was shot because he was a policeman.
      I don’t understand blanket hate. Evil has bloomed and it is spreading.

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