Crafting fail 

Uneven, mushy on the bottom, soda ash, and lumpy.  

My first attempt at soap making.  

Edison didn’t hit on the light bulb the first time either.  

I’ll melt it down, and see if I can smooth it out and reform it.  

I’m grateful today for old crock pots, and the ability to try again.

14 thoughts on “Crafting fail 

  1. How hard can it be–our “foremothers” did it, right? Well, they grew up watching their mentors doing it on a regular basis and I’ll bet they had some bad batches too. Keep trying. It sounds like a fun challenge!

    • Yea….but I bet they didn’t have crock pots or emersion stick blenders to make a mess of things. ;-0
      My grandma cooked without recipes. She could ‘feel’ when her biscuit dough was perfect.
      I guess I just have to develop my ‘feel’ for this.

    • Oh, good idea! With this batch, it might go more along the lines of ‘don’t judge me by my looks’, or ‘I might be ugly, but I smell good.’🤓😂😂😂😂

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